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PDM’s Charg(ed) Internship Program, as Told By a PDM Charg(ed) Intern

December 31, 2018
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If you’ve heard about Power Digital Marketing’s Internship Charg(ed) Program, you may have heard that it’s one of the best internship programs in the game. Don’t believe me? Keep reading. As a PDM intern, I’m here to give you a glimpse into my time as a part of this program as I wrap up my semester internship.

What Does This Internship Consist Of?

An internship with PDM Charg(ed) consists of a semester-long internship in which you learn not only about the specific department you are chosen for, but also about the many other digital marketing departments under the roof of Power Digital. These include SEO, Paid Social, Paid Media, PR, Email Marketing, Creative, Web Development, and last but certainly, not least (especially because it’s my department), Content Marketing.

Internship Requirements

Unlike internships that only require coffee runs and photocopies, Power Digital doesn’t just hire anyone. In addition to the requirement of being enrolled in a course for college credit, like most internships, you also need to meet certain skill and experience requirements. However, what isn’t exactly outlined in the job description is that to excel as a PDM intern, you must be a self-driven learner, leader, and a team player.

The minute you walk through PDM’s doors, you become a part of the team. You get out of this internship exactly what you put into it, so take it from me – if you put in a hundred and ten percent effort, you will finish this internship with a fundamental knowledge of digital marketing skills, further developed professional and leadership skills, and useful industry connections.

In short, if you’re a college student simply trying to add a few lines to your resume, you should move along.

What You Learn

My time as an intern at Power Digital has not only developed both my personal and professional skills, but has also given me the educational basis that I need to delve further into the career I hope to pursue in digital marketing. What sets this internship apart from others is that I have had the privilege to do real work, for real clients. As a content marketing intern, my day-to-day consists of writing, editing, and optimizing blogs to boost a website’s SEO efforts, generating content topics for marketing initiatives, and a whole lot more.

No matter which department you apply to intern for, you will learn a ton. Throughout my internship, I left each day with more digital marketing knowledge, which seems like a simple thing to expect of an internship, but is easier said than done. Each department and its supervisors ensure that you have a thorough understanding of what you’re working on each day – and if not, they’re more than happy to sync up to discuss how they can help.

Extra Perks

Lunch and Learns are also a great opportunity unique to Power Digital that allows you to learn about a department or subject outside of your own in a fun and casual setting. You’re able to grab your lunch, head to one of the office’s many conference rooms, grab a seat, and listen to a digital marketing expert give you a rundown of what they do, why they do it, and how it can benefit your marketing efforts.

One of my favorite things about this internship is the environment of Power Digital’s office that I get to work in each week. Between the friendly people, the endless coffee and snacks, and the fact that you’ll never go a day in the office without seeing a dog, it is truly an amazing place to have the opportunity to work.

Wrapping Up

I can confidently say that Power Digital Marketing’s Charg(ed) Internship Program is unlike any other, and I strongly encourage any college student who has the opportunity to apply to do so. Although I am bummed to wrap up my internship, I am so grateful for the skills that I have learned this semester and look forward to applying them to my future career. Now, off to study abroad next semester in Florence, Italy!


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