PDM Charg(ed): Paid Media Internship

Alex Fleming
By Alex Fleming

In this video, Ryann Bull interviewed Alex Fleming about his experience as a paid media intern at Power Digital Marketing. Some of the primary responsibilities of a paid media intern include doing account optimizations for our paid clients, conducting keyword research, building out campaigns, and completing reports for our clients.

Alex initially chose to intern with the paid media team because he wanted to learn more about the digital marketing space and he liked that Pay-Per-Click advertising generated data quickly. Through the course of his internship, he refined his Microsoft Excel skills and gained valuable experience in data analytics while learning to navigate multiple digital marketing platforms.

Alex’s favorite part about working at PDM on the paid media team is the dynamic landscape of the job and the constant experimentation that takes place when optimizing accounts. He also loves all the people who he is surrounded by when he comes to the office. He sees all the hard work his peers put into their work, and it pushes him to match their effort.


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Alex is a Paid Media Project and Account Manager at Power Digital. A recent graduate in Marketing from San Diego State University, he began his digital marketing career as an intern at Power Digital where he quickly caught interest in the fast paced, dynamic landscape of PPC advertising.