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The Newest Form of Advertising Content: 360 Video

November 24, 2015
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360 video is a recent advancement in the media world that was first brought to YouTube earlier this year in March 2015. Facebook has recently adopted this video format as well. 360 videos use multiple cameras to record a 360 degree all angle view of the recorders surrounding environment. Most recently these 360 videos have seen the most success in action sports promotion and exploration of sea or land environments. While this video format is not yet common, it leaves a huge opportunity for marketers to create a new form of unique web content.

This new video format allows viewers to become completely immersed into the environment shown in these videos. The immersive feeling you get from watching one of these videos has created an opportunity for brands to engage viewers like never before. This video format allows viewers to use their mouse to explore all angles of the displayed environment, this lets customers use their curiosity to explore the surroundings and feel like they are physically inside the video. Additionally, giving the viewer the ability to scroll around the video screen and check out shots from different perspectives, will keep viewers watching the same video for longer amounts of time than normal.

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With the ability to put the viewer in the shoes of the person filming, this kind of content can be utilized to advertise events and services that provide value in the form of life experiences. These 360 videos can be great for advertising experiences such as music festivals, sporting events, vacationing, and hotels. These videos can also be used to show potential customers shopping experiences by giving them access to virtual store tours.

Because this type of video is so new, viewers are sure to be excited with seeing 360 videos used for new and interesting purposes. The excitement around these types of videos has the potential to drive huge numbers of social media shares, and give viewers a new way to engage with brands online.

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