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Localized Social Media Campaign Overview

November 27, 2018
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Similar to executing a geo-targeted social ad with localized messaging, a Facebook Business Account can create geo-specific organic social posts too. The advantage of doing a geo-targeted organic social post is having the ability to create a hyper-targeted, tailored messaging, which, when done right, should be well-received by the audience and read as personalized for them, thus causing an increase in interest and engagement.

Below are the steps to creating an organic social post with specific geo-targeting.

First, head over the the account’s profile page. Then, without navigating elsewhere, go to create a post on the profile.

Next, select the drop-down box that defaults to Public. From there, you have two options.

Restricted Audience

Option one is a Restricted Audience, which allows you to block certain types of users from seeing your post. This is limited to age and location specifications, which can be useful for a social giveaway in which your business can only ship to certain locations, or when content is suitable for a certain age such as alcohol for 21+.

News Feed Targeting

Option two is News Feed Targeting, which means that the post will appear in the News Feeds of those that meet your targeted criteria.

News Feed Targeting allows you to layer on certain targeting criteria such as age, gender, location, language, and interest targeting.

Why is this a game changer?

The amount of media a user consumes each day is exhausting. Incorporating personalized messaging can make your post stand out and allow the user to actually feel a connection to your brand. This has shown to result in higher conversions and returns. The objectives for using News Feed Targeting can be quite limitless. Here are a few suggestions and examples on how to utilize a local audience:

One of the top baby brands out there right now, Infantino, wanted local parents to come to their San Diego office. This could have also worked for survey entries for a specific location, event sign-ups and product reviewers too. By personalizing the message to San Diego parents, this piece of content stood out in the News Feed and flags your target audience’s eyes to actually read the content. The result: Hundreds of entries within a few hours.

A localized organic social media post could also work for particular store sales at particular-locations, a social giveaway within a desired area, event marketing, and a local charity initiative. Moreover, with the layered interest targeting, you can further tailor your message to meet that audience set interest.

Whatever your campaign objective may be, messaging is key. Whether it be incorporating local lingo or name dropping a location in the area, creating that personal tie to the social users in the geographic you’re targeting will help your content rise above the News Feed noise.

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