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How Your Brand Can Leverage Spotify

October 14, 2018
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As the major platforms in social media become increasingly competitive for brands, it is critical for companies to explore other options to connect with their audience and grow brand awareness. Between social media, advertisements, videos, and more…getting a customer’s attention in the digital world can be difficult – you need to find a new way to cut through the clutter of a distracted social audience. Spotify may not be a typical “social media platform” that comes to mind, but it does offer a unique way for brands to reach a new audience in a creative way. With over 80 million monthly subscribers, Spotify is a great way to keep your brand front of mind more often.

As an added bonus, not many brands have figured out how to leverage Spotify to increase their reach so this could be an amazing opportunity to be the leader of your industry on this platform.

The first question to ask is whether your brand has a purpose on Spotify. Some industries are more aligned with this platform than others, but chances are if you think creatively you can find a way that music feeds into your brand. We’ve outlined a few example industries below!

Gyms/Fitness: This might be the most aligned industry to utilize Spotify to reach a broader audience. Many fitness instructors have already turned to Spotify to share their playlists and favorite workout jams. Gyms can use Spotify to create motivational playlists that in turn, push people to get in their car, drive to the gym, and complete a workout! Smaller studios can share class playlists or create collaborative boards with their “regulars” for increased brand appreciation.

Event Spaces: Another natural fit for Spotify would be event spaces. Spotify is commonly used to curate wedding and birthday party playlists, so why not get ahead of the curve and create that playlist for your clients! We suggest thinking of styles of music that match the typical types of events you have. If you offer a really urban, modern event space – try using upbeat, new music. If your event space is more classic, then more simple, classic songs might be better aligned with your typical client.

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Child / Parenting Related Products: Having children doesn’t mean sacrificing the songs you love! If your brand is targeted to kids or parents, you can create PG-friendly playlists that parents know they can enjoy and trust! Whether you develop playlists for bedtime lullabies or kid-friendly songs to sing in the car (think on the way to school!) – Spotify can be a great platform for you to show parents you’re thinking about all of their day to day needs in life!

Food / Cooking Related: We love the idea of using music to connect with customers over a meal! Bob’s Red Mill is doing a great job already at curating playlists that align with their brand message on Spotify! Create playlists to cook to, date night playlists, or even cooking with kids! There are a lot of ways to connect food to music!

Regardless of your industry, Spotify could be a great platform for you!

Our best advice on figuring out how to connect with your customers on Spotify is by thinking about how your target audience spends their average day.

What are their hobbies? If it’s camping, you could do relaxing outdoors playlists. What do they do for work? If they have a desk job, you could do songs to help you focus. How do they spend their free time? If it’s at the beach, you could do a summer hits playlist. There is always an opportunity to connect with your customers through music!

So, you’re convinced that your brand can have a presence on Spotify, now what? The next step will be optimizing your profile so you look as credible and professional as you are! Here are a few optimizations to make sure you do:

  • Add a profile photo: Similar to other social media platforms, we recommend that this be a simple photo of your logo.
  • Create a playlist cover template: Spotify allows you to upload one creative per spotlight which will pull into the search feed. We suggest creating branded covers so if your customer finds your playlist on accident they’ll automatically be reminded of your brand!
  • Build out your playlists: We suggest launching with at least 5 playlists with a minimum of 25 songs each. For best results, continue to add to your playlists on a weekly basis!

Once your profile is optimized, the next step is sharing it with the world! There are a few easy ways to do this!

    • Showcase your profile on your site: Add an icon/link to your Spotify profile near your other social icons on your site.
    • Use your other digital marketing channels: Share your Spotify profile everywhere. Send it to your email list, create social posts for your individual playlists, put it on flyers in your physical locations. Not only does Spotify give you a great way to grow your audience, but it also gives you a great resource for engaging your audience!
  • Build partnerships: Spotify is also a fun way to engage with influencers! Invite influencers to be collaborators on your boards so that they will promote it to their following as well. This is also a fun creative way

Now that your Spotify is optimized and shared with the world, you can sit back and relax! Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Spotify doesn’t require that you create unique posts multiple times a week! Simply add songs to your playlists whenever you find a good match and continue showcasing your Spotify profile to your current customers! Whether you’re using Spotify to build brand appreciation, get more visitors, or reach a new audience, it is a less competitive platform to connect with your target consumer meaning you’ll have a bigger chance at making an impact.


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