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How Will Marketing Budgets Evolve in 2017?

November 28, 2016
Table of Contents

What Do You Plan To Spend More Or Less On?

As a growing marketing agency, we will continue to put more money into our marketing efforts, not to necessarily target more prospects, but to connect with the exact prospects that match our target client profile and core business values.

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Regardless of whether your company is growing or not, I strongly believe that spending more in marketing and sales are the leading factors of business expansion. With that said, it is essential for businesses to be highly targeted and closely measure their results. You do not want to pump more money into a channel that is not working or benefiting your company or clients.

What Channel Do You Expect To Be More Effective And What Channel Do You Expect To Be Less Effective – In 2017 Vs. 2016?

I don’t expect any drastic changes in specific channels that work and do not work from 2016 to 2017, but I do expect mobile to become far more competitive as brands start to realize mobile is HUGE and that their strategy needs to be tailored to this audience. This will cause the leading brands to improve their mobile strategies and it will hurt the companies that are not focused on mobile. Customizing your businesses mobile strategies and giving this some extra attention will ultimately boost brand awareness and drive traffic.

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I also expect Social Media advertising to continue to take off in 2017, especially on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. These channels (especially Facebook) have gone through a BOOM within the last two years and many brands have had HUGE wins here. More and more brands are taking notice and jumping on the gravy train. In addition, Facebooks desire to adjust its algorithms for more quality are making it more competitive for many advertisers.

What Will Be Biggest Marketing Trends Of 2017?

As business owners and marketers plan ahead for the new year and decide where to invest their money, they should consider the latest trends and the changing demands of their customers. As I mentioned before, mobile is currently the biggest marketing trend this year and it will continue to be the biggest marketing trend in 2017. In other words, if your content isn’t easily digested on a mobile device, your brand is going to suffer.

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