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How to Maximize Profits by Combining PR & Paid Social

October 6, 2017
Table of Contents

Step 1: Secure AWESOME PR coverage with an influencer or publication

Step 2: ???

Step 3: ??

Step 4: Profit

All jokes aside…

I know what you’re thinking, “the PR coverage was the end goal, what are these extra steps?!” But did you know there are ways you can maximize returns and awareness long after the coverage has been secured, gone to print or been posted? If you’re stopping at step 1, there’s a pretty good chance you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to leverage this content to increase ROI and build social proof around your brand. Lucky for you, I sat down with our PR team to learn more about the different ways brands can get the most out of their PR coverage.

One of the best ways to leverage your PR content is through paid social media. Depending on the type of PR coverage you’ve secured there are different ways you can integrate it with Paid Social.

Traditional Online Publications

If you got your brand or client featured in an online publication like Forbes or Pop Sugar, you can drive people to this piece through your advertisements but can continue tracking with a tool called Sniply.

Sniply allows advertisers to add customized call to actions on any website. The best way to create this type of ad is to make it informational and highlight the specific feature, rather than using sales-y language. From here, users will click to read the article and will be given the option to learn more about your product or brand with a non-intrusive pop-up that redirects them to your site if the user chooses to click on it. Adding in a Sniply CTA also allows you to track who clicks on your ad and the traffic to the page, which allows you to retarget people who visited this piece of coverage.

Another benefit of leveraging your PR coverage via Sniply is the way it builds social proof around your brand. It can be used as a first touch with potential customers to introduce them to your brand. Most people aren’t going to convert the first time they’re introduced to your brand. They want to get familiar with your products, your mission and who you are. Using an interview or product feature from a reliable news source or blog will build the consumer’s trust in you as a brand and will increase the likelihood of them becoming a purchaser and lifetime customer.

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Additionally, when your PR and Paid Social efforts are aligned it allows you to better track how the PR coverage is affecting your return on investment. If you don’t have a direct link to your site from the blog or news article, you won’t be able to track if people have made purchases after seeing the coverage. By advertising the coverage on social media, you can track who clicks or views the ad and if they made a purchase. Paying attention to the actions a user takes after viewing the coverage is essential to knowing if it was actually profitable for your brand and the value it is bringing you.

Social Media can be a key factor in getting your PR coverage in front of more people AND back it up with real data.

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Influencer Coverage

Securing influencer coverage in the form of an Instagram or Facebook post is one of the most effective ways to build social proof around a product or service. With the influencer’s permission you can use their imagery and caption to develop ad campaigns. Using quotes from trusted influencers is a great way to speak to the quality of the product while building social proof.

Often times, consumers are wary of believing claims about a product being the “best” or “most effective” but when a trusted influencer backs a product, they are more likely to trust them. Not only are you building social proof, you are giving your brand a human element and making it more relatable.

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There are many ways you can track the success of an influencer placement. This includes engagement, views and more. But unless they have a unique code or UTM tracking it can be difficult to see if people actually made purchases after viewing their organic posts. By using the content in a paid social campaign you are able to directly track conversions through Facebook.

These kind of advertisements also appear more natural in user’s feed, which means they are more likely to be receptive to your ad. When you interrupt the user experience with low quality imagery or spammy ad copy, your advertisement may have the opposite affect on a user causing them to be turned off from your brand.

Wrapping Up

By ensuring that your marketing efforts are aligned across all channels and platforms you are able to get the most out of your PR coverage. They work together to create a holistic image of your brand and increase your ROI. If your marketing efforts are only focused in on one area, you’re likely missing out on huge opportunities to grow your brand.

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