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Grow Your Business With a Digital Marketing Strategy

March 14, 2016
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All around you, you hear that the world is moving towards digital, but what does that mean? In an age of ever evolving technology, consumers are dependent on having the latest and greatest products. With lightning fast speeds, lightweight portability, and a growing acceptance by society, people are now spending more time than ever glued to their screens. Because of this, 2015 was the first year that digital ad spend surpassed traditional. We know that this is just the beginning of a new age of marketing. If people are spending more time on their devices than they are reading or watching cable, then shouldn’t CMOs be spending more of their budgets where their audience is engaging? Read on to learn some of the many benefits of digital marketing.

Communication runs both ways

Traditional marketers focuses their efforts on sharing brand messaging and awareness with their target audience. This is a one directional approach. Digital marketers realize that it’s important to hear what your audience has to say and creates multi-directional platforms for engagement. Through this two-way approach, the company has a greater presence and invests time in their consumers by both talking and listening. In doing so, the audience feels valued, and there is a higher conversion transforming your everyday consumer into a brand advocate.

Results are easier to measure

Traditional marketing can be difficult to track. Maybe you know how many people subscribe to the newspaper or tune in to a TV show, but you don’t know how many truly saw or read your ad. With digital marketing, it’s easier track and understand your customers so you can create and hit your target audience. Digital marketing is very data extensive, so we’re able to provide valuable insight both to your reach and leads. We track the customer journey and know exactly how many people clicked on your ads, visited your page, how long they looked around, if they opened your email, if they converted and took your offering, etc. This data allows you to see exactly how you compare to your goals and learn more about key times and techniques for reaching your audience.

More cost effective reach

In traditional marketing, big reach means big money. With digital marketing, going viral is not out of the question. Not to mention it can happen for a fraction of the cost through less expensive advertising options on the internet. This reach can lead to exponentially higher revenue for your company as you save money. With proper execution and a healthy monthly budget, digital marketing campaigns can drive a business more qualified leads who are looking to buy. You also have control over more variables giving you the data necessary to measure your conversions and return on investment. Overall, digital marketing allows you to save money by spending it in a smart, more precise way.

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More insight to the consumer

Although traditional marketing platforms also have the potential to reach a high amount of consumers, digital marketing reaches more qualified leads. By reading analytics and targeting correct demographics for your ads, you’re able to reach consumers that already have an interest in your offerings. If you are a company selling fitness apparel your target demographic could be someone who has recently liked a nearby yoga studio or shared an article about health. These consumers already have a higher interest in your industry and are more likely to engage with your advertisement.

Easily adaptable strategy

Compared to a digital marketing campaign, a print campaign, just one aspect of traditional, can take months of preparation and be difficult to change during the final stages. After the shoot has been wrapped, it is nearly impossible to alter the campaign unless you want to double your budget and push back your launch. With digital marketing it’s easier to make last-minute changes, whether you see greater success on particular platforms and want to put more dollars there or if you want to change your brand messaging mid-campaign.

Greater engagement

With a digital marketing strategy, companies can interact with their customers 24/7 online and through social networks. This provides more opportunity to promote their products and services or to clear up potential problems. By matching the lifestyle of the consumer, you provide them with an easier and more convenient way to give feedback. This engagement serves as a customer service opportunity and provides a more personal connection to the brand.

Attraction to simplicity

Consumers want fast, and they want easy. If you aren’t found online, you’ve already lost the battle. This craving for simplicity is inherent in the millennial generation and businesses need to be where their audiences are. Digital marketing provides legitimacy to today’s generation and can be a huge financial benefit for the company. Today, 20% of Google searches are for local businesses, make the search for your product or service simple and let customers come to you simply by spending your ad dollars on digital marketing. This investment will aid in your brand development, bring in new qualified leads, and show you a rapid increase on your ROI.

Contact us today to learn more about digital marketing or about how our strategy, backed by data, can transform your business. Our collaborative approach will help you understand digital marketing and realize the opportunity gaps online within your industry from the start. We realize that one internet marketing approach is not for everyone and prioritize taking the time to learn about our clients and their business. This provides us with the insight necessary to custom tailor the best online marketing verticals for their campaign!


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