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Flip the Switch Episode 76: Alexia Brue

November 19, 2020
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Alexia Brue saw the wellness trend coming long before matcha lattes and weighted blankets were mainstream. After spending years working as a wellness and travel journalist, Alexia saw a need for actionable information and resources on the emerging trends in fitness, beauty, and the wellness lifestyle. Finally, she made a bold move and cofounded Well + Good, the trusted and famously trendsetting wellness media company. Starting with almost nothing, she and her partner, Melisse Gelula, bootstrapped their way to build a company that empowers its community to live their healthiest, happiest life, which was later acquired. In this episode, Alexia opens up to Covet PR founder Sara Brooks about building a company from the ground up, convincing people wellness was something they truly needed in their life, and the importance of leaning into intuition in times of self doubt.


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