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Facebook Custom Audiences – Oracle Audiences

November 8, 2017
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Custom audiences have allowed Facebook advertisers to target their ads to specific sets of users, from people who have visited their website to those who would likely be interested in your business. Facebook has now taken this one step further with Oracle custom audiences.

Oracle audiences provide advertisers with insights on both online and offline consumer behaviors, allowing them to target hyper-relevant audiences that are more likely to make a purchase. There are 3 different types of Oracle audiences that can take your targeting to the next level:

  • Oracle AddThis Audiences
  • Oracle Curated Audiences
  • Oracle Datalogix Audiences

Let’s review what each of these Oracle audiences are and how they can be used to increase your business’ revenue.


Oracle AddThis Audiences

Oracle acquired AddThis in January 2016, a social sharing company that allows users to easily share articles and pages on social media sites. AddThis processes user data from their 15MM site network and takes all of this information to help filter it into audience segmentation tools. This data can vary from the sites users visit, the actions they take and their interests.

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So, what does this all really mean? AddThis gathers this combination of observed (reading an article, watching a video) and declared (like, share, follow) data to provide a holistic view of online user’s web habits, interests and preferences. With this web interaction data, they are able to utilize audience segmentation tools and supply custom audience insights into user’s interests. This accumulation of information ultimately helps companies like Datalogix connect the online and offline information of consumers. Getting a deeper understanding of users and the actions they take on various sites can benefit you when you are looking to target an audience.

Oracle Curated Audiences

Oracle Curated audiences can be used to target users that are lower on the marketing funnel as well as past online purchasers. Oracle Curated audiences are accumulated from top data providers and is then organized and confirmed by certified Classification Taxonomists to guarantee that these users have taken these precise actions online. Curated audiences are a great way to ensure that you are targeting users that are ready to purchase and are absolutely interested in your product.

Oracle Datalogix Audiences

In December 2014 Oracle acquired Datalogix, a company that collects hashed customer data from retailers to track what users are buying offline. Their rich understanding of consumers and insights on over $2 trillion in consumer spending allows Facebook to deliver specific targeting to users. Oracle Datalogix audiences are perfect for businesses that want to precisely target users that are more likely to be interested in your products.

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Datalogix audiences can expand Facebook custom audiences by matching ads to users who are purchasing similar products in real-life. Targeting users with hyper-relevant ads that you know are interested in your type of product will more likely lead to a sale and ultimately lead to increased revenue.

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Wrapping Up

Facebook custom audiences are continuing to advance in their insights, allowing business’ and advertisers to target the actions of offline consumers. With the valuable data that Oracle audiences offer, it’s now easier than ever to target hyper-relevant audiences making it more likely to lead to sales and increase revenue.

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