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Engagement Retargeting – Facebook’s Extra ‘Push’ Down The Funnel

June 30, 2017
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Every month, Facebook continues to improve upon its retargeting capabilities. Through standard event retargeting, we’re able to seamlessly hit cart abandoners, purchasers, and more to re-engage users and continuously push users further down the funnel.

They’ve also enabled retargeting based on time spent on site. But one of the more innovative retargeting capabilities recently introduced is the ability to remarket to users who have specifically engaged with your ads, organic posts, or page.

What Segments Are Available?

Anyone Who Visited Your Page:

These users may not have liked/followed your page, but they have had exposure to it.

People Who Engaged With Any Post or Ad:

This audience segment of post engagers is of particular interest since they have shown intent by interacting with your posts. There’s no segmentation between paid engagements and organic engagements, so keep this in mind if you’re leveraging this audience.

People Who Clicked Any Call to Action Button:

This audience is really a subset of the ‘people who engaged with any post or ad’ and is hyper-specific. This audience would not be of much value to brands who don’t regularly post/promote content that includes CTA buttons.

People Who Sent A Message to Your Page:

This audience is also hyper-specific – however, for brands that regularly leverage Facebook Messenger, there’s opportunity to deliver special offers / promotions to these audiences. Brands typically will receive messages from users for two reasons – complaints and praises.

Messenger often serves as a customer service line – so remarketing these users can work well as a ‘winback’ for unsatisfied users while also rewarding people who were already happy with the brand.

People Who Saved Your Page or Any Post:

This audience will likely have the least scale – it would be of value if a brand is regularly posting blog/article content, as these are the types of posts that get ‘saved’ most often.

What Does This Mean For Advertisers?

How can this be leveraged efficiently, and how much value can we put on someone who may have simply liked one of your ads? Well, when putting this audience in a hierarchy of importance, it definitely sits near the bottom. Your site traffic, cart abandoners, and purchasers are definitely of a higher value than these engagement audiences – but they obviously are of a higher value than users who have chosen NOT to engage. 

So, How Can We Leverage These Users?

These retargeting capabilities turn your Facebook page / posts / ads into a well-pixeled microsite of its own. A great way to take advantage of these users is to treat them the same way you would treat a website visitor. By setting up a campaign/ad set that targets users who have engaged with and exclude site traffic, you’re left with an audience that has commented/liked/shared but hasn’t interacted with your website yet.

You’ve already established the first touch with this audience, so remarketing to them with your site traffic excluded serves as a great way to re-engage users with a higher level of intent than your cold-traffic 1st-touch audiences.

Wrapping It Up

This tactic is great for brands that see high levels of engagement on their posts but low website activity. It is a great way to move users one step further down the funnel. These audiences fit right between your cold-traffic audiences and warm/hot-traffic audiences, so with the right messaging approach they can be very high-value. Try it out and see!

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