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Borrowing Amazon’s Tactics for Your E-Commerce

December 8, 2022
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Amazon Prime used to be reserved for the most important products and items you needed urgently. Now it means what you want, when you want it, and that you can send it back if you don’t want it after all. In short, Amazon has trained shoppers to expect a certain level of urgency, speed and competitive pricing in online shopping. You can either fight those expectations or adapt by borrowing the e-commerce giant’s tried and tested tactics.

45% of online purchases take place on Amazon in 2022. So, whether or not your brand is on Amazon, here are a few of Amazon’s tricks you should copy immediately on your e-commerce website.

Improve Your Website Merchandising

Analysis found that 49% of shoppers aged 27- 40 say they always or frequently purchase the first product listed on an Amazon search engine results page. The way you merchandise your website matters. Place your best converting products on the top of your page to drive more revenue this holiday season.

Add Product Recommendations to Your Product Pages

On Amazon, 45% of consumers have clicked on the frequently bought together recommendations while 35% report exploring “items other customers buy after viewing that item.” If your website isn’t helping customers find what they are looking for, you might be losing them.

Upgrade Your Shipping Terms 

48% percent of online shoppers say they typically receive packages within 2-3 days while 96% of brands offer some zero-cost shipping option. Creating shipping options that are as close as possible to what Amazon offers will set your business apart. If you are one of the 4% of brands that still charge for shipping, it’s time to consider how you can provide this nearly ubiquitous service customers have come to expect. Your conversion rate will thank you.

Demystify Your Return Policy

Amazon convinced customers to purchase with free 2-day shipping – they kept them by offering free returns. Now, 67% of customers report checking the returns page before making a purchase but less than half of e-commerce stores offer free returns. It’s not just about convenience, it’s a brand perception play. A free returns policy signals to your customers that you believe in your product and that they are safe to trust your brand with their time and money.

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