Benefits of Joining an Entrepreneurship Group

Christiana Minga
By Christiana Minga

Entrepreneurship organizations are groups that have been around for ages. Though the concept is nothing new, the diversity of options available continues to expand with the increased demand from the millennial generation. I joined the Yellow Collective in October and have been pleasantly surprised by how much the experience has exceeded my already high expectations.

The Yellow Collective is a networking group for creative and entrepreneurial women that has chapters scattered throughout the US. We meet on a monthly basis to learn, mingle, encourage, and motivate.

Though groups such as this typically have a quarterly or yearly membership fee, in my opinion, what you gain is priceless.

Professional Growth

Paying an entrepreneurship group’s dues is kind of like paying for a gym membership. If you’re paying for it, you want to get as much value as you can. In addition to personally wanting to squeeze every drop of juice out of your experience, you also are given many additional resources to help you grow. These resources often come in the form of exclusive events, digital content, mentors, literature, and community support.

Expanded Horizons

The beauty of these types of organizations is that you’ll connect with individuals you may not have the chance to meet otherwise. Though you may consider yourself to be an extroverted person or even attend networking events within your industry, these types of groups typically include members from a variety of industries and walks of life (all sharing the same drive and ambition.)

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Although your business experience may vary, there is much you can learn from the success, trials, and tribulations of others regardless of their field. This allows you to think outside of the box and apply a new and fresh perspective to your business or company.


We’ve all heard the expression “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room” and, in my opinion, it could not be more accurate. Being surrounded by peers who have lofty goals and a strong work ethic helps to hold you to the same standard. This boils down to human nature and the desire to succeed amongst others in a healthy competition (or at the very least be on the same playing field.)

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Not to mention, meetings typically consist of sharing your visions with the group or even a mentor. Verbalizing these goals makes them more tangible and often times acts as a catalyst to help you hit them. After all, would you want to come to the next meeting without making any progress?

Closing Thoughts


This quarter with The Yellow Collective consists of three meetings, two of which have already taken place. Our first meeting was an introduction and was filled with backstories and icebreakers amongst members. I chatted with women of all ages and left with several tidbits of advice and an overwhelming desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

The November “Girlsgiving” meeting was an opportunity for us to give thanks for the ability to follow our calling & for the incredible women we were surrounded by. We also focused on the heart of our business/passion, where we’re at now, and what makes us tick. This month, we’re having a holiday themed meeting and will continue sharing knowledge, fostering relationships, and challenging each other.

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Although this quarter is coming to an end, the meetings are only one small aspect of the overall experience, and I know the momentum will only continue to grow. Afterall, there’s nothing I personally love more than women empowering women to reach success. Why wouldn’t I want to continue placing myself in a room filled with genuine and inspiring girl bosses?

Challenge yourself & raise the caliber of your activities outside of work. Take the time to develop new skill sets, read books on business, or even look into joining a local entrepreneurship group yourself – you may be surprised by how far you go!


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