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9 Email Marketing Trends To Follow in 2022

March 10, 2022
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Once upon a time, email arrived in office workers’ inboxes sporadically. Today, email is the standard digital communication for all—which makes it a valuable channel for your marketing campaigns. 

Efficient and direct, email inherently offers amazing benefits to a marketer. Even so, this tool is an evolving technology that reaches a changing consumer base. If you don’t stay on top of the trends, then you risk getting lost in the trash.

Say goodbye to the spam folder. This year, with our email marketing service, make every survey and exclusive offer count with our top nine email marketing trends for 2022.

#1 Micro-Segmentation 

Email blasts? The four quadrants? Forget the mass-media approach. In 2022, it’s time to segment your email marketing strategy for niche audiences.

For years, marketers have used audience segmentation to target specific customer demographics. However, improved data streams have opened the doors to an incredible wealth of customer information, enabling micro-segmentation.

With the right data, you can tailor every marketing email campaign to best attract customers based on their:

  • Screen use habits – Total hours used, times used, number of devices, etc.
  • Purchase habits – Likelihood and frequency of purchases
  • Demographics – Age, sex, gender, location, profession, etc.
  • History – Past purchases from your company, internet search history, etc.

While gathering this data can prove tricky, it’s worth the effort. Research shows that micro-segmentation can boost an email open rate by 203%.1 The more you match the email to the customer, the better.

#2 User-Generated Content

In the age of social media, everybody wants to share their opinion. Luckily, this can create some serious marketing material for your business—a.k.a, user-generated content.

User-generated content includes any original content about your business created by an individual (not your brand). This precious content comes in many forms, including:

  • Reviews
  • Social media posts
  • Comments
  • Videos 
  • Q&A Forums
  • Blog posts
  • Hashtag campaigns

People trust other people’s opinions more than a branded advertisement. And in this digital age, it’s the closest thing to word-of-mouth recommendations. In fact, 79% of people reported that user-generated content impacts their shopping decisions, compared to 13% for brand content or 8% for influencer content.2 

Curious to include user-generated content in your email marketing? Start by including snippets of testimonials, reviews, and customer photographs of your products in your promotional emails. You can also generate more user content by encouraging participation. Send out polls, hold photo contests, or ask users to comment on a social media post.

email marketing services

#3 AI Usage

Data is the currency of modern marketing. However, humans can only handle so much information at once—that’s where AI picks up the slack.  

In 2022, artificial intelligence will become more important than ever to marketing (and many other industries). AI can store, track, and utilize numerous pieces of customer data, creating a more effective email marketing strategy. . For example, email AI software can help:

  • Write effective subject lines
  • Determine optimal send times
  • Personalize email newsletter and content
  • Update address lists
  • Track customer response
  • Customize promotions

In short, AI simply streamlines and improves all data-driven aspects of email marketing.  And as a bonus, this data optimization creates a higher ROI—41% of marketing professionals agree that AI’s top benefit is improved revenue.3 Step into the future (and higher profits) with AI-supported email campaigns and other email list management tools.

#4 Mobile Optimization

It’s not just for laptops anymore—up to 81% of mobile device users check their email through smartphones.4  To keep your emails relevant, you need to make them mobile-friendly. 

The bad news? About 88% of companies fail to optimize their emails for mobile device use.5 In short, this is frustrating for customers. About three-quarters of users will instantly delete an email that fails to display properly on mobile, leading to countless lost sales.6 

In 2022, mobile optimization is the only way to go. Start adopting UI or UX design to make your emails readable for all on-the-go customers.

#5 Personalization

Whether you’re 9 or 90 years old, everyone loves a hand-written note. There’s just a warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with a personal message. With email marketing, customers don’t just want a personalized email from brands—they now expect it.

According to consumer research, about 71% of buyers feel frustrated if brands do not personalize their shopping experiences.7 Additionally, 90% of US shoppers think of marketing personalization as appealing. If you want to win over customers, you have to get to know them.

How can you make your buyers feel seen? Include some of these tactics for more personalized email marketing:

  • Name usage – It’s simple but crucial. Emails that include customer names feel more personal than generalized messages. Including the customer’s name in the subject line will catch their attention even more.
  • Personalized recommendations – In the era of Netflix and Spotify, consumers like it when brands give them informed recommendations.  In fact, product recommendations encourage 45% of online buyers to choose a shopping site and 56% to return to a site.8 Companies can use abandoned shopping carts, order history, and demographic information to determine the best product recommendations.
  • Provide tips & tricks – Selling womenswear? Pull together a list of the hottest styling tips for spring 2022. Offering landscaping services? Share the best tricks for keeping grass healthy throughout summer weather. Industry-related guidance inspires confidence in consumers, and it gives a personal voice to brands.
  • Remember special dates – In marketing, every day is a chance to celebrate. Personalized emails that celebrate customer birthdays, subscription or member anniversaries, or any holidays will instantly boost morale. For a special treat, offer exclusive discounts with these personalized messages. 

Afraid of overstepping boundaries? Odds are, you’ll be safe. About 73% of customers reported that no brand has ever been overly-personal when communicating with them.7 When in doubt, go more personal.

#6 Interactive Content

How can you make someone feel welcome? Invite them to play.

Participation and interactive emails are  the key to brand connection. The more a customer feels their actions matter to your business, the more they’ll want to buy your products. In marketing emails, you can build that personal connection with interactive content.

From clickable pictures to customized polls, interactive email content should heighten customer interest and response rates. These measures can include:

  • Surveys & polls
  • Shopping carts
  • Video & animation
  • Image carousels
  • Games
  • Quizzes or questionnaires
  • GIFS or hover images

Consumers show a high desire for interactive emails content, with over 91% of buyers preferring it to non-interactive content.9 This type of content can also strengthen your particular brand voice and image in the eyes of consumers (for example, including whimsical games vs. practical video tutorials). 

#7 Data privacy

It’s the talk of today—how can marketers respect consumer privacy?

In all honesty, it’s a hard line to walk. Consumer data is the best marketing tool in the business, and strict privacy measures block that information flow. However, you never want customers to feel like they’re being tricked or invaded upon. That’s why in 2022, your email marketing campaign should include a clear policy on data privacy.

Whether sent as an email subject or included in a footnote, data privacy updates are crucial to increase customer trust. Start by highlighting the ways your company upholds privacy by sharing:

  • Legislative & legal compliance
  • Data collection methods 
  • Data storage methods
  • Website cookie options
  • Third-party involvements

No matter what, always stay vigilant and updated on email marketing data policies. With so many changing laws, it’s important to never fall behind on proper data handling. 

#8 Minimalism

You might think text-only, HTML-style emails were left in the 1990s. But in today’s overstimulated world, customers yearn for a clean and simple format. 

More isn’t always better. For your 2022 email marketing, try to develop your own stylistic version of minimalism.

Start by evaluating your current marketing emails. How many images are included in the body? How many words come between each image? Is it hard to focus on the words? If the visuals are clouding the message, it’s time to pare them down. An HTML email will grab consumer attention rather than disorganize their focus.

#9 Channel Combination

For digital marketing, more is more. Combining email with other communication channels (known as omnichannel marketing) can significantly boost customer leads.

On average, U.S. households own 11 connected devices.10 That’s 11 opportunities to reach customers about your product. Email is just one slice of the digital marketing pie to get their attention. On top of emails, you should unify all marketing campaigns and announcements under a seamless omnichannel, with communications through:

  • SMS or text
  • Social media platforms
  • Online advertisements
  • Print advertisements
  • SEO

In email marketing, don’t be afraid to connect with other digital channels. Add a clickable link to your social media pages, or offer the opportunity to enter a phone number for SMS notifications. The more entry points you have, the more likely a customer will respond to your marketing.

Empower Your Email Marketing with PDM

In 2022, email has never been a more creative or valuable place for marketers. All it takes is a little foresight to master the email game. Take these trends to your campaigns, and watch the sales leads flow in. 

Curious how to put these strategies to work? We can help.

With an expert team and exclusive data, Power Digital Marketing can give your email marketing a 2022 makeover. And our services don’t stop there. Our digital marketing agency can also transform your SEO, social media, and other marketing content to create a cohesive strategy that supports your goals. One team, endless marketing opportunities. 



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