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7 Brands Leveraging Video Ads to Get Results

July 30, 2018
Table of Contents

Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee is an extremely saturated market in America. With Starbucks, Peet’s, etc. coffee ads can become very redundant, and for the normal American coffee drinker it just will come down to convenience. However, with Dunkin’s use of video ads across platforms, they have been standing out from the crowd. They have a set of simple, 6-second video which shows an appetizing shot of coffee being poured, then whichever deal they are advertising at the time shows up in nice text in the back.

They are to the point and well executed, and have genuinely made me go out of my way to take advantage of Dunkin’ Donuts recent promotions.

Chubbies Shorts

Many brands attempt to cater to young people, but few are as successful as Chubbies. The audience they build their ads for is clearly a younger crowd, and they catch their attention with colorful videos and bold headlines that encourage millennials to stop scrolling and look. The models for their clothes are not necessarily the models you would expect, with advertisements including many overweight and average looking people, and they show the clothing in real life, relatable situations.


Fortnite has become the biggest and most-played video game in the world, but that hasn’t stopped them from advertising and continuing to build their brand. With their unique art style and the ability to say that it is completely free to play on all platforms, their videos make it very enticing to drop what you are doing to download/start up a game of fortnite.

Raising Cane’s

There are so many places to eat out that each restaurant chain has to strive to make their ads stand out. Raising Cane’s does just that with videos that show not only their food, but the community and work environment that their brand wants to embody. Clips of their workers smiling or high fiving mixed in with aesthetic shots of their chicken fingers and fries do a great job of setting Raising Cane’s apart from the rest of your food options.


Insurance is something that most people in America find a necessity. The demand is there, it just comes down to which company the consumer will choose. Geico stands out with targeted video ads that reach different audiences and show them a discount that they are eligible for. Are you a Louiseville alumni? There is a discount for that and it will show up on your Facebook feed if you have indicated so.

These personalized discounts can be the difference in which insurer you choose.


Wingstop’s video ads typically aren’t that elaborate, but they are very effective. For a place like Wingstop, the viewer already knows what it is, so they do not have any explaining to do. They focus on aesthetic shots of their wings, mixed with a deal or new flavor they want to promote. The videos do a tremendous job of making the viewer crave wings, which at the end of the day is their objective.


Adidas video ads not only do a great job of showing off their merchandise, but also inspire the viewer to be more active. For a sportswear company, inspiring the viewer to want to workout or play sports is the best thing that you could do. With scenes of different sports and workouts, their video ads do something that photos could never do. Videos are a platform that can show much more than a traditional text or photo ad, and Adidas uses it very well.



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