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5 Interactive Tools to Enhance Your Content

April 26, 2016
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One of the biggest challenges for marketers today is competing for attention from an increasingly distracted audience. Long gone are the days when a well-written piece of relevant long-form content was enough to snag your prospects’ attention for a few minutes. Nowadays, merely pumping out large volumes of content no longer does the trick. The Internet is brimming with content – everyone is producing, collecting, and distributing content. Therefore, your prospects have a lot to sift through when choosing which content to consume. So how can you make your content stand out?

The keyword we need to focus on is consume. Rather than just creating content your audience can consume, focus on creating content your audience can interact with. Interaction fosters engagement, which results in a more successful, results-filled marketing campaign. And luckily for marketers, delivering engaging content is quick and easy nowadays thanks to the following interactive content tools:

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Data visualizations are one of the best received and shared content types available right now. In fact, a test conducted by the Wharton School of Business showed that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than a purely textual article.Infogr.am leveraged statistics like this to create a tool that helps marketers engage audiences by providing unique templates in which to present data. Infogr.am users can easily create infographics, charts, and graphs that will grab the audience’s attention and appeal to the part of their brain dedicated to information processing, establishing trust with while telling a story with intriguing visuals and graphics. In addition to its exceptional collection of templates, Infogr.am allows users to connect live, real-time data sources to visualizations through Google Drive or even your own data feed.



Looking for one tool that can engage existing users, attract new ones, and facilitate social sharing? Say hello to Brackify. Brackify allows you to create interactive elements like voting brackets to enhance your content and get answers about your audience in a format far more interesting than a standard poll. Brackify turns your prospects into active participants and brings out their competitive side. The best part? Brackify is extremely versatile and can be useful for many types of content. From the Best Taco Stand in San Diego to the winner of The Bachelor, there is a bracket out there for your interactive media! What’s more, Brackify supports photo, video, audio, and gif so you can get as creative as you’d like with it.


One of the keys to engagement is appealing to your audience’s senses. While an infographic or a piece of written content appeals to sight, a video appeals to both sight and sound, making it a very effective channel for online engagement. In recent years, content marketers have realized the amazing power of video in their digital marketing strategies. Introducing Interlude – an online tool that combines the reach of digital video with the engagement of gaming. With Interlude, marketers can create interactive and responsive videos for their audience. Here’s how it works: Viewers watch a video and are asked to choose options or answer questions via buttons that appear throughout the course of the video. Their answers determine the path that the rest of the video will take. For example, in an Interlude advertisement by Madewell, users help a woman get dressed for the day and are able to choose whether she dress as a “Modern Tomboy” or “Girly Girl”, whether she should “Dress it Up” or “Dress it Down”, and so on. Advertisers such as Coca-Cola, Kate Spade, and Revlon have all utilized Interlude’s services to creative interactive content. Interlude has found that viewers who interacted 3 or more times with an Interlude video showed a 30% increase in brand appeal and a 45% increase in purchase intent.


A personal favorite of ours here at Power Digital Marketing, Qzzr helps marketers drive social traffic and generate leads through the creation and distribution of fun and engaging quizzes. With Qzzr, it is easy to produce both graded and outcome quizzes to share with your audience. Not only do the quizzes you make with Qzzr act as a great form of “sticky” content to improve your bounce rate and learn more about your prospects, but is also a great source of quality leads. Qzzr integrates with several email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools, allowing you to quickly follow up with your new prospects. You can even take it to the next level and add a custom call-to-action at the end to send someone to a specific landing page or drive new engagement on social media like Facebook likes.


Any content marketer worth his or her two cents knows that good storytelling is the key to successful branding. Storytelling is one of the most powerful and effective ways to breath life into your brand. Whether you recognize your brand’s unique story or not, it won’t matter unless you know how to convey that story properly. This is something that every brand manager, social media director, and content marketing coordinator has struggled with at some point in their career. Here’s where the interactive content marketing tool that uses visual storytellin, Flixel, comes into the picture. Flixel helps marketers break through the clutter by providing an easy medium for creating cinemagraphs – still photographs that incorporate looping video elements. Cinemagraphs have a recurring “wow-factor” that are effective at capturing your prospects’ attention. Great for social media, digital displays, and email alike, cinemagraphs are a surefire way to distinguish your content from others.


Producing creative and engaging content is easier now than ever with these easy-to-use tools. Don’t spend precious time on content that will get skimmed over in a matter of seconds. Instead, spend a few extra minutes creating valuable, rich content that your audience will actually engage with. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line for help with any of your content marketing needs!Content CTA Contact


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