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Our Approach to Podcast Advertising

Podcast Advertising offers the unique opportunity to reach a national audience that is highly tuned in. Ad spots on podcasts are more colloquial, which makes them authentic and conversion-driving.

We craft stories, rather than shove an ad down a listener’s throat. Stories with timely, emotional, and interest-based appeals are the best way to drive more than just brand awareness.

3 Benefits of Podcast Advertising


The advertisement is conversational and comes from the mouth of the host. This means the ad is more authentic and listeners are more compelled to take action since the ad is coming from the mouth of someone they trust and are loyal to.


Pricing is easy to compare. Most podcast ad placements are sold by number of impression, where you pay on a CPM basis. This means that you can easily compare the CPM of multiple shows to determine the best value for your budget.


They generate brand awareness and drive conversion. We always recommend offering an enticing discount that will drive immediate action. Since the lifetime value of a single podcast episode can span for months, you will continue to accrue impressions on your ad spot when it is sold as a part of the episode.

Our Process



The Opportunity Analysis

Step one in podcast advertising is finding the perfect podcast for your target audience. Every podcast has a loyal listenership that tunes in for tips, education, and entertainment.

We compile a podcast opportunity analysis with a range of podcasts that hit your target demographic, interests, and budget. We consult with you on your KPIs and prioritize based off of budget and brand fit, which podcasts to reach out to.



Our PR specialists craft pitches that align the brand with the host’s interests and begin reaching out to our hit list of podcasts.

We negotiate everything from ad placement – pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll – to number of episodes in the ad series and even CPM.


Ad Copy Creation

The key to a successful podcast campaign is through catered ad copy that appeals to the host and his or her listeners. We recommend giving flexibility to the host with adlib style copy over a script. We hone in on specific key messaging points that will appeal and come across as authentically as possible to the host and listeners and offer storyline ideas to the hosts based on product pushes and seasonality.

We create CTAs that drive action and conversion to move to needle for your bottom line.

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