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Power Digital Marketing would not be where it is today without the help of our awesome interns. So we thought, why not give them their own page and name? Introducing PDM Charg(ed): a semester-long internship program for driven and passionate individuals who want to sharpen up their digital marketing skills in a lively agency setting.

We believe that internships are all about learning, discovering, and growing, which is why PDM Charg(ed) is a one-of-a-kind internship experience. Our Charg(ed) internship program is designed to excite, spark, energize, inspire, and charge our interns with engaging work in an (ed)ucational environment. As an intern, you will be challenged and encouraged to step out of your comfort zone while working on real projects for real clients. Our interns are smart, passionate, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Describe you? Scroll down…

Interested in our internship program?
This Ain't Coffee Runs & Photocopies
Don’t worry, you won’t be living in the copy room or be making multiple Starbucks runs per day when interning at PDM. You’ll be working on real work for real clients.
Join An Awesome Group Of Go-Getters and Ping Pongers Alike
Our work is what draws people in, but our culture is what makes people stay. Our team is an eclectic bunch of digital mavens and creatives who are always down for a quick game of office ping pong or some tacos at Miguel’s down the street.
Become A Digital Marketing Guru
The skills you learn aren’t limited to your specific department. On any given day, you will learn just as much about search engine optimization as you will about social media. You’re surrounded by experts who are excited to show you the ropes. Take advantage of them!

Hear Our Interns

Our past interns have been total rock-stars and many of them have joined our team full-time. From nailing their interviews to excelling at learning new skills and executing strategies flawlessly, they are the real MVPs of Power Digital. Some of them even wrote blog posts for our agency blog, which you can check out here. Where should you start? Brush up on your interview skills with these 10 Ways to Nail Your Next Internship Interview from a previous PR intern.