The growth journey continues: Power Digital acquires digital marketing consultancy Sproutward.

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Making an Impact

At Power Digital, we believe that taking action in our community — both internally and beyond — can lead to a brighter future.


From fostering diversity and encouraging employee education within the workplace, to supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs, to aiding community programs focused on equity and justice, we are committed to efforts that can lead to better outcomes for each and every individual.

Here's how we're taking action:

Employee Development & Education

We are committed to building a culture of belonging by broadening employee knowledge on topics of diversity, social justice, and cultural sensitivity.

We strive to provide a safe place for employees to learn, express themselves, and discuss meaningful topics and events that promote allyship and inclusivity.


Empowering the Future (Internship program)

We embrace taking meaningful action to represent diversity in every aspect of our business, including our internships.

We have partnered with HBCUs and organizations which serve students in groups traditionally underrepresented in digital marketing to further extend internship opportunities to talented individuals in underserved communities who have passion for digital marketing, are eager to learn, and embody Power Digital’s core values.


W.A.V.E.S. (Wishing All Variety of Entrepreneurs Success)

W.A.V.E.S. is our initiative to provide pro-bono services to Black-owned businesses to drive growth and job creation. Through our platforms, talent, and connections, we support these business owners and entrepreneurs in their goal to achieve their dreams.

Empower Digital

Volunteering our time puts a personal touch and allows us to interact with different parts of our community while lending a helping hand.

We leverage our skill sets to serve those in need and make an impact to help galvanize others to get involved and give back to the world.

See Our Initiatives in Action