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Custom strategy. nova runs thousands of scenarios against your data to build your unique strategy. Every step mapped. You get a month-by-month plan of attack to execute against initiatives. Your strategy is reviewed by analysts and enriched with their years of experience.


Your marketing plan - designed by us. And machine learning.

Our system learns every day as nova ingests more and more data around how are services perform. This then helps feed our Service Recommendations (machine learning model) to ensure you get the highest results and the best channel services for your business.

nova Blueprints allow us to:

Efficiently develop marketing plans using machine learning and data analysis.

Formulate a strategy schedule and timeline for execution within minutes.

Develop a contract for your review with all of our analyzed results included.

What people are saying
John Saunders, VP of Technology
"nova Blueprints are not only accurate to our clients' needs - they cut down on the amount of time it takes to produce a viable marketing plan. We have seen a 70% decrease in time spent on contracts and strategy formulation since introducing this functionality, which means more time spent on results."
John Saunders, VP of Technology
What people are saying

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