The CMO’s guide for igniting profitable growth in 2023.

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Counter the downturn. Read this guide to optimize your marketing, operations and business to drive profitable revenue growth.

Learn how marketing leaders can drive sustained growth in 2023 by:

Recession-proofing marketing plans with a focus on incrementality.

Refining your financial model for profit.

Leveling-up customer value because this year is all about retention.

Optimizing operations with the right tools, workflows and staffing.

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Power Digital is a leading growth marketing firm.

Companies that partner with us for 6 months see an average of 71% in revenue growth YoY.
580+ consultative marketers, creatives, analysts and data scientists.
Managing billions in media across B2C and B2B.
What people are saying
What people are saying

Mielle Organics - a revenue success story.

Mielle Organics, one of the fastest growing natural hair care companies in the United States, needed to scale their revenue and company valuation, but were hesitant to move away from traditional marketing. With the power of nova––Power Digital’s proprietary marketing analysis technology––an integrated team of marketers helped the brand scale within six months to increase investor interest, magnify the company’s valuation and ultimately secure funding.

Power Digital’s strategy led to a 192% YoY revenue growth through their site alone. And, Mielle attracted a $100M capital infusion, ultimately leading to an acquisition by Procter & Gamble in 2023. Here’s how:

  • Through a bold SEO strategy and by enhancing product pages, increased search rankings, traffic and conversions.
  • Built scalable paid media campaigns to drive high-quality new traffic and nurtured visitors to conversion.
  • Redesigned email initiatives to engage past customers and maximize customer lifetime value.
  • Positioned the brand for funding and acquisition.

Marketing takes a front seat in a tighter market.

Marketing in a recession is all about making smarter, more efficient investments, not slashing them altogether. Curious to learn what channels and tactics are the highest growth potential for your brand? Get in touch with us for a complimentary marketing appraisal.

Stay on the offense in a downturn.

60% of brands that increased media investment in the last recession grew their ROI. (Source)

Brands that cut marketing initiatives and media spend in previous downturns experienced a 15% loss of market share. (Source)

Focus on retention: email marketing yields a $41 ROI for each dollar spent.  (Source)