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An Innovative Pinterest Advertising Agency

Reach Customers Earlier in the Buying Process with Pinterest

Wouldn’t it be nice to get in front of the people who need your exact products and services at the beginning of their search? Pinterest empowers you to do just that.

Connecting early in the buying process is critical. Nearly all Pinterest users (98%) say they’ve tried new things found on Pinterest compared with only 71% of those on other social media platforms. And when you get in front of people earlier in the buying process, it’s easier to transform that interest into a sale.

Pinterest has over 320 million monthly active users. 58% of Pinterest users say the social platform helps them make shopping and purchasing decisions.

77% of weekly Pinners report they have discovered a new product or brand on Pinterest.

52% of millennials use Pinterest every month.

1 in 2 people make a purchase after viewing a promoted pin. 89% of US Pinners use the platform for inspiration on their path to purchase.

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Here's what happened when we partnered with Vionic Shoes:

$1.5 Million increase in paid social revenue in first year.
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Why Use Pinterest Advertising?

Pinterest users are unique in that they’re searching for inspiration. And once they find that inspiration, they are often ready to buy.

More than half of Pinterest users have made a purchase after viewing business visual content on the site.

Plus, on average, Pinners spend 29% more than non-Pinners do, giving businesses an average of $2 in profit for every advertising dollar spent.

Pinterest offers a variety of advertising options, including:

  • Promoted Pins
  • Promoted Carousels
  • Promoted Video Pins
  • Promoted App Pins
  • Buyable Pins
  • Story Pins


Promoted Pins

This type of pin appears in the Pinterest user’s home feed and is boosted and targeted to expand its potential reach and engagement. The Pinterest ad does say that it’s promoted, but otherwise, it behaves like any other Pinterest pin. Users can save it, share, and comment.

Promoted Carousels

This type of Pinterest ad allows you to advertise two to five images that Pinners swipe through. This is a great option if you have multiple products to feature.

Promoted Video Pins

Video pins are identical to promoted pins, but you can feature a video instead of a static image.

Promoted App Pins

Most Pinterest traffic (80%) is generated from mobile devices. Promoted pin ads allow you to get in front of this audience.

Buyable Pins

These pins are designed to be “shoppable.” For example, a picture of a living room may have several items that can be purchased directly from the pin.

Story Pins

The story pin enables you to include up to 20 pages of images, text or links. The users can view and save all pages together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Pinterest ads help increase brand awareness?

Pinterest is a discovery tool. People visit the social media site to find new ideas and inspiration, and businesses can fill that need. Use it to provide the inspiration that your target audience wants most but also to build brand awareness, drive increased engagement and start a relationship that drives them to action.

Can Pinterest help us increase website traffic and sales?

Absolutely. When you use high-quality, attention-getting images and visual content, you can drive more website traffic and generate more conversions.

Is Pinterest advertising expensive?

Pinterest ads are sold as cost per click (CPC) or CPM (cost per mille). Decide your budget, and work to optimize the ads within that budget. With an experienced agency, you can strike the delicate balance between maximizing visibility and overspending.

How do Pinterest ads allow us to reach our target audience more effectively?

Pinterest allows you to narrow your target market based on a variety of factors, such as unique demographics, keywords, interests and more. Promoted pins each support up to 150 relevant keywords and come with 25 highly recommended keywords. You can also include “negative keywords” to ensure better results. An experienced Pinterest advertising agency can help you eliminate the learning curve and get your ads performing quickly.

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"Power Digital's team has a diverse range of skill sets to support our needs and goals. They are very technical, leverage data driven approaches and have a strong understanding of marketing & PR."
Brandon Maskell, Director of Marketing
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Stretch your social ad dollars further.

Running through ad spend is the quickest way to stunt testing efforts and never see the true potential of advertising on social media.

We focus on accurate targeting, creative engagement, and content that resonates to increase your relevance and lower CPC.

"Power Digital is always looking for ways to help us improve our digital efforts and ensure our satisfaction. I consider Power Digital an extension of my marketing team and a trusted strategic advisor."
Director of Marketing and Communications, NewSchool of Architecture
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Retarget warm leads and pull past customers back into your funnel with out-of-the-box social media advertising services.

Using pixel tracking and segmentation, we take a creative approach to capture your customer’s attention at every milestone of their journey.

This ad campaign strategy can span across various social media platforms, reaching your audience in ways your competition has never thought of.

How do I get started? Here’s our process for placing you in the right location, at the right time, to capture greater attention and drive results:


Before a contract is ever signed, we get to know your business with a detailed analysis of your advertising marketing strategy. We provide an in-depth report of what’s working and what isn’t and the opportunities that we’ve found tailored to your specific business.


Once your appraisal is complete, we start mapping a plan of attack for getting the best return on investment from Pinterest advertising strategy.

Our approach is backed by years of experience and research into your specific industry, target market and niche.



Now that we’ve laid the critical foundation, it’s time to implement your personalized Pinterest advertising strategy and start driving more results to your business.

Results, Rinse, Repeat

Pinterest is a powerful tool to connect with the people shopping for your products and services. We’ll continue to monitor your advertising success, adjust as needed and brainstorm how to take your performance even higher.

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