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Ready to cut through the noise? Exceed your growth goals with more high-value, profitable leads.

Drive leads and reach the decision makers.

Capturing the attention of executive and C-suite prospects is getting harder by the day. With so much competing for their attention, most advertising goes unnoticed. LinkedIn advertising helps you cut through the noise, build authentic relationships and transform leads into revenue.

LinkedIn presence is pivotal for brand awareness and lead generation.

LinkedIn engagement has increased 50% year-over-year.

4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn drive business decisions. An ad on LinkedIn can reach 12% of the world’s population.

89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation. Sponsored InMail has an average open rate of 52% (compared to email with an average open rate of 15%-25%).

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"I wish I would have found you guys years ago."
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What people are saying

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The decision makers that you need to connect with … are on LinkedIn

Traditional advertising and marketing methods often fall short when it comes to connecting with the right target audience in a way that is authentic and meaningful. LinkedIn advertising services allow you to connect with potential customers most likely to benefit from your business or brand.

Fine-tune your demographic targeting criteria based on a variety of factors, such as industry, company size, and more. Tap into an advertising toolbox that is designed to capture more LinkedIn user attention and get you results.

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LinkedIn’s target capabilities enable you to set up an ad campaign that gets you in front of the right people with accuracy that can’t be found in other marketing channels. Use the social platform to promote valuable content, such as blog posts, eBooks, guides, and more.

LinkedIn Text Ads

These ads work on a “pay per click” or impression basis and are designed to drive more people to your content, company page, or website.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Promote specific content downloads or drive website traffic through spotlight ads, which appear in your prospect’s newsfeed

Sponsored InMail

Send personalized InMail to your LinkedIn user prospects to achieve a variety of results, such as boosting signups for upcoming webinars or events, or promoting a specific content asset.

LinkedIn Articles

Develop long-form content that can be used to share across the network, and become an authority in the eyes of your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I expand my reach through LinkedIn advertising?

Are you having trouble reaching important decision makers? LinkedIn users are highly likely to keep their profiles updated, allowing you to identify the right decision maker with greater accuracy.

How does LinkedIn provide greater flexibility in our advertising?

Maximizing your ROI requires you to view details in real time and pivot quickly when an advertising campaign is underperforming. Traditional advertising, such as print, requires upfront payment with no guarantee of how your advertising will perform. LinkedIn digital marketing advertising allows you to stay agile and adjust quickly when required.

Can I advertise a variety of content types through LinkedIn advertising?

Yes! LinkedIn enables you to promote a variety of content, including text, images, and even video. Many different ad formats are available to get your audience’s attention, such as carousel ads, InMail advertisements, and more.

How does LinkedIn advertising help increase my conversion rate?

LinkedIn advertisements convert users to leads at a 6.1%conversation rate. In comparison, Google search ads convert at 2.58%.

Is marketing through LinkedIn more expensive than on other platforms?

LinkedIn generally has more expensive clicks and CPMs when compared to other platforms; however, LinkedIn is unique in that you can reach a high-quality audience that is difficult to reach using other channels, and provides an excellent return on investment.

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"Power Digital is always looking for ways to help us improve our digital efforts and ensure our satisfaction. I consider Power Digital an extension of my marketing team and a trusted strategic advisor."
Director of Marketing and Communications, NewSchool of Architecture
What people are saying

Retarget warm leads and pull past customers back into your funnel with out-of-the-box social media advertising services.

Using pixel tracking and segmentation, we take a creative approach to capture your customer’s attention at every milestone of their journey.

This ad campaign strategy can span across various social media platforms, reaching your audience in ways your competition has never thought of.

How do I get started? Here’s our process for getting in front of the decision makers you need to connect with most.


Before a contract is ever signed, we get to know your business, with a detailed analysis of your advertising and marketing strategy. We provide an in-depth report of what’s working, what isn’t, and the opportunities that we’ve found tailored to your specific business.


Once your appraisal is complete, we start mapping a plan of attack for getting the best return on investment from your LinkedIn ads strategy.

Our LinkedIn advertising agency approach is backed by years of experience and research into your specific industry, target audience, and niche.


Now that we’ve laid the critical foundation, it’s time to implement your personalized LinkedIn ads strategy and start driving more results to your business.

Results, Rinse, Repeat

LinkedIn advertising is a powerful tool because it allows you to reach the exact people you need to speak with using an engaging, relationship-focused social platform. After we implement your LinkedIn advertising services, we’ll keep a close eye on it and adjust as needed to maximize your ROI.

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