Built off of Moz SEO data, the novaKeyword tool allows our team to quickly get your the keyword insights you need. No more wasting time in 40 different platforms – novaKeyword centralizes it all so we can focus on what matters: results.


Take the tediousness out of SEO keyword mapping strategy.

novaKeyword is an automation tool used by our Search Engine Optimization team to help aggregate and accelerate keyword mapping for our clients. By entering our client’s site into the platform, we can quickly identify pages of value, keywords to focus on, and develop robust SEO strategies on the fly.

The platform also helps generate a keyword map deliverable quickly, giving our team more time to focus on strategy rather than spreadsheets.

novaKeyword allows us to:

Identify and visualize valuable keyword data around our clients.

Develop robust SEO strategies page by page.

Finalize and execute on keyword pillar page optimizations.

Generate a full keyword map that shows highest to lowest value actions.


What people are saying
Kendall Brennan, Director of SEO
"The keyword tool is a game changer for doing data driven keyword research. It pulls data from multiple sources and automates the manual aspects of the process that are so crucial to finding the RIGHT keywords that will drive results. Not only that, but it enables us to do more in less time."
Kendall Brennan, Director of SEO
What people are saying

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