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No more scattered data. All of your analytics API to your Scoreboard, updating progress in real-time. Each user on your account sees the data they need in a way they understand. Always adapting. The results of our efforts are fed back into nova, making it smarter every day.


Centralize your growth data in one place, and identify new areas to improve.

nova Scoreboards are connected to all of your vital marketing platforms, pulling in the data you need to see the full picture by month, day, week – whatever you want! Our Scoreboards also utilize machine learning recommendation engines to identify new areas to improve along the funnel.

nova Scoreboards allow us to:

Centralize your results for viewing in one place, eliminating the need to write down 486 passwords.

Identify new opportunities to grow in different areas of the funnel, maximizing your success as one of our clients.

Integrate directly with DataQ so first-party data and business metrics stay top of mind for you – and for us.

What people are saying
Alexa Engelhart, Director of Email Marketing
"One of my guilty pleasures is diving into nova Scoreboards for my current clients to see how they are performing to identify potential growth opportunities. It’s a really easy way to help client and account teams assess our marketing strategies."
Alexa Engelhart, Director of Email Marketing
What people are saying

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