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Real data. Real-time. Your data is crosschecked with thousands of analytics to see where you stand and why. Every channel is scored for it’s growth potential based on your goals and current strategy. In the end, you see which channels will deliver the greatest ROI with a little TLC.


Develop a probability score for each channel's growth viability.

By connecting to your data, we can show the potential of our services as it pertains directly to your bottom line. The Appraisal features a team of analysts, growth coordinators, and others all working together to form a perfect picture of your current state – and where to improve.

nova Appraisals allow us to:

See real data in real-time. We connect various different data sources to analyze what’s working, what’s not, and where to go.

Score channels one by one by our nova Analysts. This ensures you are getting a human touch to the data and strategy.

Develop a forecast on the ROI and outlook of our campaigns together.

Generate presentations in a concise way so you can get the snapshot of our analysis and spend more time on execution.


What people are saying
Connor Sanner, VP of Growth
"nova Appraisals allow our teams to provide potential Power clients with a roadmap to success. Our channel forecasting and analyst surveys have been developed to specifically work on a case by case basis, making sure we deliver the proper analysis to each business we come in contact with."
Connor Sanner, VP of Growth
What people are saying

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