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Watch out world. Social media isn’t just for sharing memes of LOLCats and Daniel with his infamous white Vans anymore. These days our favorite viral sensations share the social media landscape with highly targeted advertisements. And for good reason.. With billions of users worldwide, social networks possess valuable insights about users’ likes, interests, and habits. This information is exceptionally useful to social advertisers. Rather than reactively targeting users who search a certain term, these insights allow advertisers to proactively target relevant users before they even begin their search. Kind of creepy for the user… but awesome for us marketers.

The advanced targeting options, reliable conversion tracking, and mobile prevalence make social networks one of the most viable platforms for online advertising (and of course, sharing an occasional gif or two). Whether you’re looking to find new potential clients or retarget existing clients, the paid social team at Power Digital Marketing has developed proprietary processes to target your core audience using interest targeting, funnel strategy, custom targeting, and A/B testing. Our social advertising experts combine data-driven targeting and their diverse skill sets to optimize your ROI.

Mike OperaPaid Social Ads Manager
Data-Driven Targeting
In the competitive social advertising landscape, it is critical that your brand has the best targeting strategy in place. Our team develops top-notch targeting approaches for our clients through comprehensive research and data pulled from Google Analytics and Facebook’s Audience Insights.
Diverse Experience
From generating leads for small-budget B2B companies to running successful e-commerce campaigns for large-scale B2C corporations, our paid social team has extensive experience marketing for a diverse range of clients. But one thing stays the same: they drive great results every time.
Optimize ROI
Our team’s priorities are always aligned with those of our clients. We ensure that all of our client’s meet their KPIs and focus on generating the highest CTRs, lowest CPCs, and driving the biggest ROI.


Every time we start a new ad campaign, our team conducts research to determine which social ad network will drive the best results for each client and their brand. We currently offer our expertise advertising on the following social ad platforms:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

Facebook Advertising


Facebook has evolved drastically over the past decade. Ten years ago it was mind-blowing that we were able to connect with our long-lost cousins using the social networking site. But today, Facebook provides us with something much more powerful – eCommerce options, auto-populated news stories, and, most importantly for us, unparalleled marketing opportunities used to target your ideal customers. It’s easy to get caught up exploring the seemingly endless targeting options on Facebook. Because, if we’re being completely honest, it definitely makes us feel superior knowing what a user’s favorite hot cereal or favorite insect is. But this is where 90% of Facebook advertisers get it wrong.

You could target someone with advertisements based on their favorite hot cereal or favorite insect, but unless you’re Kellogg’s or some entomological society, this is probably not the best way to do it. Especially when there’s so much more valuable information available to you. Let’s consider a few things Facebook knows about it’s users: age, gender, where they work, where they went to school. This is what we call “hard data” at Power Digital. Hard data is the meat and potatoes of Facebook insights, and it is what allows us at PDM to ensure that we are targeting our clients’ ideal customers. Improving accuracy, and saving you money. Through continuous testing, we make sure that we are employing the best targeting methods for our clients and creating Facebook ads that actually bring you revenue.

Interest Targeting

We utilize interest targeting features on Facebook to reach your desired audience. Looking for surfers over 40? Done. Recent homeowners or college grads? You bet. At Power Digital Marketing, we take it one step further with A/B testing ad copy and creative. Then, we do additional testing to make sure that your ad spend is reaching the right people. Just like you, we don’t want any precious ad dollars going to waste.

Funnel Strategy

“Content is king” – easily one of the most repetitive phrases in the marketing industry. And it is no exception in social advertising. At Power Digital Marketing, our paid social team works closely with our content department to produce crisp and clean content for your blog or landing pages. This content is customized and strategically designed to drive only the most relevant audiences to your website, increasing conversion rate and generating more sales.

Custom Retargeting

Facebook ad retargeting is one of the most powerful features currently available to social advertisers and it is absolutely crucial to the success of your social ad strategy. We use social retargeting capabilities to identify and create both broad and specific audiences, customizing them by targeting a specific demographic, getting more granular with connections such as activities, interest, and behavior. Our social ads experts use pixel-based, list-based, or custom lookalike audience methods to implement the most effective retargeting plan for your business, leading to an improvement in overall campaign performance and better use of your ad spend.

A/B Testing

The power of continuous testing cannot be underestimated when it comes to social advertising. Believe it or not, A/B (split) testing has the potential to double or even triple a Facebook ad campaign’s ROI. So naturally, we proactively use split-testing to determine which types of ads will resonate best with our new audience. For example, we might test two different ad images against one another to determine which of the two has a higher click-through rate or conversion rate.

Our team of social ads experts tests everything from age range and gender to ad images and copy. Depending on the client, we may have to switch things up and test a more precise category such as household income or education level. When running our A/B tests, we always run a statistical significance test to ensure that our findings are backed by hard data…Who would’ve thought AP Stats would’ve come in handy after all?

Things You Can Think
of Split Testing

Campaign Split Test:

  • Ad Type

Easy A/B Tests for Ad Sets:

  • Precise Interests
  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Placement
  • Mobile OS
  • Custom Audiences
  • Titles
  • Relationship Status
  • Income Level
  • Education Level
  • Bidding (cCPM, CPC, CPM)

Easy A/B Testing at the Ad Level:

  • Images
  • Ad Copy

A/B Testing Outside of Facebook:

  • Landing Pages