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Online advertising and search marketing play an integral part in today’s business and marketing strategies. As more and more people are going online to find information and products, placing yourself in the eyes of web users is extremely important in establishing a solid online presence.
Paid Media, or Pay-Per-Click/Pay-Per-View (PPC/PPV) advertising, is the most time-effective option for driving instant traffic to an online storefront. PPC management comes in many forms, yet the basic principle remains the same: bid against other advertisers to gain the best possible ad placement through various market targeting criteria, attract a click, then convert visitors once on-site.

Austin RandallDirector of Paid Media
Drive Immediate Revenue
Paid media is a powerful channel for driving the quickest online results. Depending on your business, there are many digital advertising services and a variety of avenues to leverage to put your brand in front of new audiences and hit your KPIs.
Reach the Right Audience
Ad network targeting reaches heights many never imagined. Developing customer personas allows us to evaluate each network and uncover the perfect targeting mix to put your offering in front of the most qualified audiences with the most compelling message.
Obtain Your Online Goals
Whether you are looking for sales, leads, page views, or brand awareness, the various paid media channels are highly data-driven and often the quickest way for you to reach your online goals. We will audit each channel and use your current data to get the odds in your favor.

For Results

In-Depth Discovery

Business Audit
As a premier PPC management company in sunny San Diego, we work with your team to understand your business model, current and past marketing efforts, and conduct an in-depth audit of your website and current Paid Media accounts (if you currently have any).

Competitor Analysis
We research your competition and top ranking sites in your industry. Through advanced toolkits, we’re able to gather insights from their successes and failures. Factoring these insights into your strategy, we create a data-driven plan that gives your business an online competitive advantage over the competition.

Custom PPC Services

Ad Platform Agnostic
We develop a custom strategy based on our discovery phase and deploy a team with expertise across all major ad platforms.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Display Advertising & Media Buys
  • Retargeting
  • Social Ad Networks – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Video Ad Networks – Youtube

Ad Creative That Engages
We design the creative used across all ad channels to be highly engaging and draw clicks.

Ad Creative That Converts
Our ad creative follows message-matching best practices, which aligns our ad copy with the content on the landing pages those ads direct to, providing a seamless and transparent user experience.

Proven Landing Pages
Our landing pages have been engineered through experimentation to have extremely high conversion rates (see our PowerLocal tool).

Ongoing PPC Management

Power Digital is a PPC agency that is built on transparency. Because of this, we provide in-depth weekly and monthly reporting on our campaigns in a format that is easily understood and communicated. Our comprehensive reporting process covers all the essential metrics regarding your PPC campaigns so that you can clearly understand how your ad spend is performing.

PPC Optimization
Our work is never done. Driven by the data we’ve measured throughout the campaign, we constantly optimize. Our optimization process includes many elements such as keyword/placement optimization, ad copy optimization, landing page optimization, and much more.

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