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Digital Recharge is a bi-monthly video update published by Power Digital Marketing. Our goal is to help you stay in the loop on digital marketing trends and updates. We provide access to the thought leaders on our team as they share their knowledge of the space. In addition to channel-specific updates, you can also get to know the Power Digital team and learn our tips and tricks on how we tackle agency life.

Past topics include:

  • Google’s algorithm updates
  • Prepping your paid media campaigns for the holidays
  • What’s hot on Facebook and
  • Getting ready for a stress-free December

These videos showcase our team’s personality and expertise. Dive in and experience our work hard play hard culture for yourself. We have a feeling you’ll be begging for more.

Digital Recharge Videos

Digital Recharge #1: Google’s Penguin Algorithm Update

SEO Technical director Bill Wilkinson discusses how things are progressing with Google’s latest Penguin algorithm update – what it is, what we’re seeing and what you need to know in regards to SEO strategy pivots.
Digital Recharge #2: The Latest on Facebook

Facebook launched several new ventures such as Facebook Marketplace, a Craigslist alternative, and Workspace, a project management system designed for businesses. Our Director of Social Media Mike Opera has been keeping a close eye on the rollout of these platforms and shares his thoughts in this month’s episode of Digital Recharge!
Digital Recharge #3: Prepping your Paid Media Campaigns for the Holidays

Everything you need to know about prepping your AdWords accounts for the busy holiday season.
Digital Recharge #4: Preparing for a Stress Free December

The holidays should be the best time of the year, however if you’re not prepared, it can quickly become a stressful and hectic couple of weeks. At Power Digital, we have several strategies to stay ahead of the game, so we can enjoy a stress-free holiday with friends and family.
Digital Recharge #5: 2017 SEO Trends

Mobile is a rapidly growing audience in search as Google has even reported a 20% increase in mobile’s share of online sessions in the last year alone! With all those factors in consideration, we must be able to achieve visibility as a consumer moves along the buyer’s journey. Even better if we can help usher a visitor along the buyer’s journey!