Digital Marketing Tools from Power Digital



Power Digital is anything but average. We don’t just solve problems we create scalable solutions. PowerTools are our elite development offerings that we create in house to solve our client’s toughest issues, from converting blog traffic to destroying bounce rates on top trafficked pages. We have a host of plug and play solutions to tune up your website’s digital marketing performance.

PPC Forecasting Tool

Take the guesswork out of PPC forecasting with our easy-to-use Excel dashboard! Download this free dashboard and see how easy it is to accurately forecast volume and conversion metrics for PPC.

SEO Spot Check Guide

Is your SEO working for you? Make sure your SEO strategy is up to par using our comprehensive guide! This complete checklist will give you direct insight into how your current SEO strategy is working for you by diving into: the types of keywords you should be targeting, how to pull your competitor's link profile and use it to get PR hits, how to assess your current on-page indexing strategy, and much more!

Boombox Webinar

Tired of wasting money on expensive social or PPC ads? Then quizzes are the perfect marketing tool for you! We teamed up with Boombox to teach brands how to turn their businesses’ social media audience into a money-making machine using easy-to-build online quizzes. Learn our three-step process for designing online quizzes that convert on social media by downloading our free webinar!