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SEO Strategist

About the Role

The SEO Strategist’s role is to create and execute on SEO strategies that align with the client’s KPIs. He/She is responsible for meeting timelines and delivering high quality work. An SEO Strategist leads the strategy by evaluating the work we’ve completed to determine its effectiveness. He/She adjusts the strategy as needed in order to get the best results possible. The SEO Strategist clearly communicates what we’ve done, the impact it’s had, and the direction of the ongoing strategy so that clients can see the value of our work and understand how it aligns with the client’s goals. He/She is a problem solver who can evaluate shifts in the Organic Search landscape. The SEO Strategist also looks for opportunities to collaborate with other channels to create an overall seamless cross-channel strategy.


Most Important Things 

  1. SEO production work & strategy for on-page deliverables
  2. Strong communication skills and ability to explain SEO strategies simply and effectively 
  3. Support SEO department strategies & growth


  • Execute SEO strategy around client’s goals (pivot strategy when needed)
  • Create in-depth reports that paint the story of results 
  • Ensure that client understands SEO Strategy (do they know why we’re doing what we’re doing)
  • Communicate gaps in SEO strategies and processes to the SEO leadership team to continue the growth and improvement of the department
  • Follow internal processes such as Asana, HourStack, 15five, and forecasting up to date
  • Other applicable or related duties as assigned 


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 

  • Master key SEO deliverables to craft a compelling 6+ month SEO strategy start to finish
  • Become proficient at compiling & story-telling SEO monthly reporting
  • Create & maintain strong strategic relationships with SEO clients