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B2B Account Manager

About the Role

Job Description:

The B2B Account Manager is responsible for overseeing account marketing performance, relationship management, and execution of all client projects/contracts. This position is the main day-to-day contact for multiple clients, ensuring that all deliverables outlined in the contract/schedule are completed. B2B Account Managers are also responsible for strategizing with the Executive Sponsor on potential upsells and client resigns in order to expand and retain business.

In addition, a B2B Account Manager must be familiar with sales processes and be comfortable navigating CRMs. This position will be communicating with client sales teams, directors, and executives about the sales process, lead quality/scoring, and eventually closed business.

A B2B Account Manager must also be comfortable speaking to clients about every major channel in the PDMs arsenal. Deep background in one is optimal, but a widespread knowledge of digital strategy is absolutely necessary.


  • Coordinate multi-channel strategies to generate high-quality leads for our clients
  • Communicate with executive-level clientele on a day-to-day basis
  • Manage internal team’s workflow and execution of deliverables
  • Ensure client positive client sentiment
  • Familiarize yourself with your client’s CRM(s) to generate insights and drive optimizations
  • Understand the operations of your client’s sales team, as well as how to communicate effectively with a sales team
  • Reports into: Director of B2B Marketing