How to Rock Mobile Marketing in 2017

rock mobile-02
rock mobile-02
Ryan Larkin
By Ryan Larkin

We all love our phones. We check them when we wake up, throughout the day, and most certainly before we tuck ourselves in for bed. Whether you realize it or not, your cell phone usage is being closely monitored and in many cases monetized. There are varying degrees as to how and when this is happening, but there are powers at play persuading your buyer’s journey via your mobile device.  In 2017, this will be truer than ever.

As marketers, mobile has become an increasing focus the last few years and 2017 is no exception. Google introduced the notion of micro-moments in 2015 and we’ve been striving to “win” those moments ever since. Learn about the power of micro-moments in our latest webinar with AddShoppers:



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Ryan Larkin is the Paid Media Technical Director at Power Digital Marketing who has 5+ years of industry experience. Ryan has spoken at several events including Media Leaders' Digital Growth Summit, Google's annual E-commerce event in Venice, and San Diego State's Entrepreneur Society's annual Conference in 2016. Ryan is currently focused on growing a variety of online paid media accounts and team members, with an emphasis on audience segmentation and shopping feed optimizations.